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Please take the time to educate yourself on raw feeding. There are many different views and opinions on the subject. Opinions vary on balance, safety etc.  

I am the group coordinator  for "Raw Dog Food New Mexico" & I am a top breeder and show dog exhibitor (German Pinschers - See Right). I feed my dogs raw foods and believe it is great for my dogs and offers a safe, healthy alternative to kibble (which is a processed food). I do believe a quality kibble can be a great resource as well & I personally chose to feed my dogs a combination of both raw foods and top quality kibble. I have fed the raw food products offered in our coop to my show dogs and puppies for the past 4 years with outstanding results.

 My personal goal is to provide an affordable, quality source of raw pet foods to your pets. I encourage you do do your research to make educated feeding decisions for your pet. CHEERS! - Jill