Titan Products

Titan products are 100% balanced frozen ground raw food blends. They are AVCO approved as a balanced all life stages diet. They are grain free & entirely meat based with added oils & vitamins. The products come in a variety of package options - 1lb tubes, 5 lb tubes, 50lb flats, & 50lb divided flats.


Raw Meat

A variety of frozen raw meats including whole chicken backs, chicken necks, turkey necks, & green beef tripe are available. Ground products are available, including ground chicken backs, chicken necks, salmon, & beef.


Packaging - Quanitities

The products come in a variety of packaging options. There are options of tubed products (chubs) which come in 1lb or 5lb tubes/chubs. There are also options of 50lb flats which offer lower cost. All products have to be ordered in case quantities which range from 30-50lbs per case (depending on the product and package chosen).

About Us



How Do I Join?

Raw Dog Food - New Mexico

We are a group of Raw Feeders based in Albuquerque, NM , Santa Fe, NM and the surrounding areas that work together to make raw feeding affordable. We function as a Raw feeding co-op. Putting our orders together to create buying power which allows us to purchase frozen raw pet food at very affordable prices.

We co-ordinate on a Facebook group (Raw Dog Food New Mexico), placing orders on a quarterly basis (January, April, July & October). We normally begin forming orders the 1st Tuesday of the month with orders due by the 2nd Tuesday & a target delivery for the 4th week of the month.

PRICES - An updated product list is provided to our group the 1st Tuesday of the month of our order. Prices vary by product and are subject to change. Prices start around .45 per lb and go up to 1.35 per LB - Add .45 per lb for shipping/handling.

Contact our group coordinator for a current price list:  Jill-  Daverenkees@gmail.com

Our deliveries take place quarterly & arrive at the Pilot Truck stop in Moriarty, NM. Located off I-40 East of Albuquerque - Exit 196

We know the week which the delivery will arrive prior to placing orders but the specific details (day/time) are unknown until the week before. We have NO control over the delivery trucks schedule. 

The delivery day & time is announced on our facebook group the Thursday/Friday before the delivery, which occurs the following week (usually the 1st part of the week). All orders have to be picked up at the time of delivery so flexibility is a must. If you can not pick up your order in person you can send someone to get it for you.

Join us on Facebook.

- Raw Dog Food New Mexico

Contact the Group Coordinator with your email address to add you to our group


Group Coordinator Contact.

- Jill Eastman 

Email - DaverenKees@Gmail.com

Cell - 505-699-7253

‚ÄčEmail or Text message is preferred


Group Info PDF File

- Contact Jill for our groups current PDF file.

The file goes over group guidelines, pricing, product info and lots of great details!